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Accommodations in rooms with 4D animatronics and scenery worth the best movie sets. It is now possible even in Italy: the proposal is to launch the Hotel Parco del Garda, the new accommodation in Lazise on Lake Garda. For the first time, in fact, Hollywood special effects come into the bedroom. This is not a simple theming, but without direct sensory experience to live 'special goggles'. The classic hotel room is not nothing: the gateway to the walls, the bed to furniture to lighting, everything changes shape and becomes pure sensory experience. Thematized in Hall 4-star hotel with 233 rooms, the adventure begins even before you enter the themed rooms (room 'Safari Adventure' Park Natura Viva, Aki Room, the Garden Room Sigurt�� Sigurt��, Chamber of Galleon) that inspired by the theme parks of the protagonists 'Network Garda Parks Experience', created to promote a common policy for tourism marketing. To access the room 'Safari Adventure', for ex ample, passing from a hole in the wall in a hall where reigns the wilderness. Among shrubs and acacia leaves, you reach the portal that is merely the entry of a natural park: red brick, wrought iron gate and birds chirping. Crossing the threshold opens the savannah surrounded by its spectacular sunset red. The bed, made on the trunk of a tree is a tower to peer animals and enjoy the thrill of an African safari directly in your room.

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Milan Stock Exchange opens upward. Eb the FTSE up 0.12% at 21,720 points while the FTSE All Share grew by 0.14% at 22,331 points.

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Safeguard and enhance the natural landscape and with all agricultural production activities conducted in it including farm and equestrian tourism. And 'the objective of the event' The Sicilian Horse 'organized by the Regional agricultural resources and food association and regional farmers in Sicily. The program includes a ride along the "Mountains & Lake" to be held from 5 to 8 May by Stephen Quisquina in Pergusa while between 8 and 9 May there will be a second horse trekking, this time called "Sea & Mountains" because they develop from Sciacca in Burgio, with a fascinating trip to the Natural Reserve "Monti di Palazzo Adriano e Valle del Sosio. Sciacca The event will close on May 10 in the renovated monumental Palazzo Lazzarini (formerly St. Anne convent) with some art exhibitions and the conference "Landscape and cultural tourism."

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"It 'must speed up the transfer of cultural property of the State to the Regions: the current state of inertia is producing unacceptable damage and irreparable." Thinks so Gaetano Weapon, regional councilor for cultural heritage, who yesterday spoke to Rome before the House and Senate budget committees, meeting jointly to discuss the outline of the legislative decree on 'federalism state property', which will govern the transfer of state property regions, provinces and municipalities. "The transfer of assets to the regions with special status and in particular to Sicily will be based on the implementing rules of the Statute. However, we should be quick - reiterated weapon - a splendid example of state assets, like the dove of Trapani, are in fact decaying and even at risk of collapse, because this long transition, no one cares for their protection and preservation. "

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Villalago Park and Villa Pauline Porano joined the 'regional network of Ville, Parks and Gardens'. Both natural and cultural heritage are part of the tourism promotion program sponsored by the Umbria Region in cooperation with the Province of Terni and Perugia, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and municipalities Trevi, San Venanzo and St. Justin. "We reached an important goal - said Victor Piacenti of Ubaldi, vice president of the Province of Terni - on the road to enhance our excellence. Villalago and Villa Pauline is a stage on the journey sees the province engaged in the front row for further qualify the 'tourism. In this context we are working to include some private goods of the same type with the aim of setting up a sub-provincial network, connected to the local one, and can add an additional segment offering integrated tourism " . The 'Ville Network, Parks and Gardens' is a tool with which the participating institutions want to revive and further enhancing the landscape as a strategic resource for the promotion of new policies for sustainable development, protecting and promoting the natural environment, historical values architecture and is rich in the region.

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Wizz Air has announced the opening of new routes from London Luton to Split, Dubrovnik and Treviso. Links to Split start June 18 and will often quadrisettimanale, links to Dubrovnik will be operated three times a week and will start June 19 as well as flights to Treviso, which will be operated three times a week.

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Party tomorrow, Saturday, May 1, linking the Emirates between Dubai and Amsterdam, on board the aircraft Boeing 777-200LR, configured with 216 seats in Economy Class, 42 Business Class seats and 8 seats in First Class. The route will be taken also from ultra modern Boeing 777-300ER. Emirates is the only carrier on the route Amsterdam-Dubai to offer its luxurious First Class and Private Suites. From tomorrow the flight EK145 will depart Dubai daily at 8:25 to arrive in Amsterdam at 13.30. The departure of the return flight EK146 from Amsterdam is scheduled for 15:30, arriving in Dubai at 23:59. Prague is the next new route to be launched by Emirates on 1 July, followed by Madrid on August 1 and Dakar, Senegal, a month later.

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Simultaneously with the launch of the second flight to Trapani-Rome Ciampino, Ryanair has redefined several times increasing, especially in August frequencies. The new timetable, operational from June 17 and valid until August 31, provides two daily flights: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These operatives in detail: Trapani-Ciampino departure 12.30 and arrival at 13:35 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday while returning from Ciampino to 14 at 15.05 with arrival in Sicily, Trapani-Ciampino starting at 15.05 and arrival at 16.10 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and return from Rome at 16:35 (arrival at 17.40 Birgi). From June 17 to August 26 on Thursday also will fly from Trapani at 17.50 and from Ciampino to 19:20 and from 19 June to 31 August on Tuesdays and Saturdays flight from Trapani also at 18.15 and return from Ciampino at 16.45 17.50. Finally, 1 to August 29, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, flights from Trapani to 8 and from Ciampino airport at 6.30.

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14 and May 15 will be staged the sixth edition of the 'Review of Responsible Tourism' Emporium of the Other Economy of Fano. This year's edition focuses on two topics: school trips and responsible tourism environmental sustainability. In the morning on Friday and Saturday classes will be invited to visit accompanied by professors who are dedicated workshops on tourism, viewed from the perspective of the traveler aware, then head on fair trade and consumption of critical resources and environmental sustainability, the founding principles Emporio. In the afternoon of Friday, at 17, intervene where the inauguration will take place Alessia Morani, Councillor for Education, Intercultural Integration, International Cooperation, Peace Education and the Legality of the Province of Pesaro-Urbino, Andrea Ceccarelli, president of Jericho, the cooperative project that gave birth to Emporio, David Guidi, president of Network Economics and Ethics of Solidarity Marches Consuelo Paris ViaggieMiraggi national coordinator for the schools. On Saturday at 18 Enrico de Luca ViaggieMiraggi present the book published by Altraeconomia 'L' Italy eco-solidarity ', a journey. The Festival will grow from 9 to 24.

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>From May 4 will be operating the flight operated by Air Yerevan Verona-Italy in cooperation with the Armenian Festival To Tour Avia. The connection will be operated twice weekly, Tuesday and Friday evenings from Verona, Wednesday and Saturday mornings from Yerevan.

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"We are pleased that the regional government has finally responded to our concerns, announcing in May for publication of notices to finance works of redevelopment of the historic centers of the island." With these words, the regional secretary of Confartigianato companies Sicily, Salvatore Puglisi, welcomes the measures to be 60 million euros that the Councillor for Infrastructure and Transport, Louis Gentile, will for the recovery of city centers and urban renewal housing for rent to the sustainable, or the so-called country hotel. "Those provisions - continued - will have several positive effects on social and economic development in the region. And above may represent an important lever for one of our greatest resources, cultural tourism. Also - concludes - want a relationship of full cooperation with the superintendent of the island for a streamlining of bureaucratic procedures devastating. "

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He asked aloud the resolution "of the urgent problem of establishing the committee on tourism" once again returned to Vasco Errani, President of the Conference of Regions, during the State-Region Conference that was held yesterday. "We do not understand - Errani said after the meeting - this postponement and we reiterate that our regions have taken a very negative on the establishment of the Ministry of Tourism. So one of the core issue for us is to establish Committee in fulfilling the commitments made by the government, which try to be consistent. " Errani announced that at the meeting, the regions have asked the government to meet its commitments on fas, the funds for underdeveloped areas. Are currently ten regions expect that these funds are released.

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La Bella Rosina Relais offers a 'Living Literature' valid from May 13 to May 17. The package includes 3 days and 2 nights: 2 nights in a relaxation room or privilege; breakfast buffet at the restaurant 1cena literary 'Gem of Rose', literary homage. The cost of the package for 2 nights from 440 euros and 296 euros double room for single use. 40 euro fee for path 'Water & Relax' at Beauty First Rose Farm, 12 euros per visit to Venaria, 10 euros per visit to the royal apartments of Castle Village in the Park Regional Herd.

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After the success of the Culture Week, which registered the highest number of visits to places of culture ever with over 1,580,000 visitors in 371 sites now monitored, ie +4.71% compared to 2009, citizens and tourists will return to admire state museums and archaeological sites will remain open exceptionally well on 1 May at a cost of one euro.Ed here are some of the structures participating in this promotion: the Museum 'birthplace of Gabriele D'Annunzio' Pescara, Archaeological Park Herakleia Policoro, Archaeological Park of Sybaris Cassano the Ionian Sea, the Royal Palace, the Mausoleum of Theodoric in Ravenna, The National Archaeological Museum of Cividale del Friuli, the Borghese Gallery in Rome, the National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola in Genoa, Museo di Palazzo Ducale in Milan, the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in Urbino, the Archaeological Museum of Venafro, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Turin, Castello Svevo in Bari, the Archaeological Area of Nu raghe Losa Abbasanta, the Accademia Gallery in Florence, the National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia, the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice.

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On 20 May at 16 at St. Peter's Complex Marsala public meeting will be held on 'Rehabilitation of the port of Marsala' will be attended by about thirty port operators. The meeting was organized by Renzo Carini, Mayor of Marsala. The Master of Trapani forwarded to the City two projects (one of MYR Yachting Resort in Marsala, the other the Adriatic Advisor Rimini) to be discussed at the conference service, already scheduled. "Given that several port operators, companies and associations of reference, made a series of proposed improvements - emphasizes Carini - should I listen to the needs of each category. We will give everyone the opportunity to make comments and, therefore, call operators to be present at the meeting ".

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Favignana is preparing to host the third Targa Florio of the sea, sailing regatta, which provides the circumnavigation of Sicily, through 5 'pit stop' style car, before returning to the capital Egadi. Starting May 11, the maximum time of arrival of the boats will end on 16. On board a trader, armed with a camera will make a video of the circumnavigation of Sicilia.Il route of the Targa Florio of the sea will remain unchanged: the venues will stage Cefalu, Giardini Naxos, Marzamemi and Sciacca, departure and arrival in Favignana. And for 2011 the Yacht Club Favignana is preparing another event of great importance in the sailing world country. A review of all Italian flavor: the Challenge Trophy Made in Italy ', which is a new logic of competition, a challenge and a sailing competition manager. All the Italian brand will be involved. Starting with the Regions, called to the scene bring their unique - productive, artistic, cultural.

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The board of Meridiana SpA has approved the draft budget for year 2009 which separated was closed with an operating profit (EBIT) amounted to EUR 0.3 million (2008 operating loss of 15.2 million), a margin operating profit (EBITDA) positive for 7.8 million euros (-3.4 million in 2008) and a net loss of 2.2 million against a loss of 23.9 million in 2008. It is the last budget for operational activities of Meridiana has granted on 28 February, the branch in aviation today Meridiana Eurofly Spa fly Spa Revenues in 2009 totaled 380.04 million euros, a decrease of 10.9% over the previous period. Revenues from passenger transport, amounting to 295.6 million euros, fell by 17.9% compared to 2008. Moreover, the operational activity in terms of flying hours has decreased overall by 9.2% compared to 2008, passenger numbers were 3,622,194, a decrease of 12.7% over the previous year, the load factor (load factor) was 61% (64% in 2008). The operating performance in terms of punctuality an d regularity were respectively 86% and 98% (84% and 99% in 2008). The net financial position at year-end was a positive 4.7 million compared to a net financial position at the end of 2008 to negative 9.9 million euros.

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Scheduled Monday, May 3. Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteoli, has ordered the postponement to a later date the strike proclaimed by various unions in the aviation sector for Monday 3 May. The strikes are delayed to 24 hours (from 00:01 to 23:59) of air crew (pilots and flight attendants) Alitalia Group-Cai and Air One launched by trade unions, business FILT CGIL, Avia, IPA, Anpac and Cisal; the 4 hours strike (from 12 to 16) of the employees of companies belonging to Assohandlers (handling), organized by the SDL union, a strike of flight attendants for Alitalia, Cai 4 hours, from 12 to 16, organized by RSA SDL. The measure, said a ministry statement, "it was necessary and urgent in order to prevent serious and irreparable harm to the constitutionally guaranteed right to free movement."

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The European Commission must take action against "high water" at airports occurred after the introduction of the ban on carrying liquids in hand luggage. And 'as it requires the MEP Deborah Serracchiani who submitted an urgent request to the Commission for distributors of free water in the duty free areas or introduce measures to monitor prices of basic consumption are not allowed to check-in . Serracchiani Meanwhile greeted positively the announcement that from April 2013, will be removed the restriction on liquids in hand luggage. "A decision is long overdue - he said - and that will make happy millions of European passengers. The fight against terrorism and the security of citizens is a battle that requires priority to act with utmost prudence. However - Serracchiani said - there is no denying that this measure is a real annoyance for millions of passengers. Among other things, this prohibition has created a de facto monopoly of duty-free shops selling d rinks and the check-in area, where now a bottle of water can cost even 4-5 euros, double the price found in the area of free access of the same airport.

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The new operating-Arbatax Genoa is the company Tirrenia, which connect the city with the Ligurian Sardinian port twice a week, makes it even easier to reach the Arbatax Park Resort, starting next summer season opens June 5. The calendar provides links departures from Genoa on Monday and Friday at 18, arriving in Arbatax Tuesday and Saturday at 12. The return of Arbatax is always on Tuesdays and Saturdays, departing at 14 and arriving in Genoa at 10 the next day. For the month of August arrivals and restarts from Arbatax will be on Tuesdays and Sundays. "This link is very important for passenger flows that affect us. The season promises good investments and we are putting in to grow even more to the level and variety of our offer we are giving satisfaction. With this perspective in mind, we believe that the characteristics of the line-Arbatax Genoa will only be a further plus in response to the needs of our guests, "said Marco Baldissera, commercial director dell' ;Arbatax Park Resort.

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Thursday, May 5 is scheduled press conference 'Fly from Rimini to Rome Fiumicino with Darwin becomes reality' and organized by Darwin International Airport Federico Fellini Rimini-San Marino. The airline will present the new route Rimini Rome-Fiumicino, made in codeshare with Alitalia. The meeting will be an opportunity to meet with top management and Darwin International Airport Federico Fellini Rimini-San Marino, and know all the new 2010 for the Italian market tied up the new service Rimini Rome Fiumicino.Saranno present: Parini, CEO Darwin, Charles Gatti, CFO & cco Darwin, Maurizio Merlo, Kos Darwin, Massimo Masini, President Aeradria Spa, Massimo Vannucci, Vice Aeradria Spa The meeting is scheduled at 11.30 in the conference hall Federico Fellini International Airport in Rimini-San Marino in Via Flaminia, 409-47924 Miramare di Rimini.

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Villa Kofler Wonderland Campitello offers sports enthusiasts a variety of suggestions: mountain biking, Downhill, Nordic walking, trekking and mountaineering, hiking and golf course along historic streets in a succession of small wooden huts and mountain pastures stone. Returning from busy day in the open air restaurant in the wellness moments, which was conceived in the private sphere: each suite has its own wellness area to measure torque with infrared sauna, some with double whirlpool tub, shower heads to rain effect, easy chairs, chromo, sound in every room, fireplace and a large balcony with views of the Dolomites. Until June 20, Villa Kofler offers every weekend (from Thursday to Sunday), tours and walks around with a full immersion in nature and can return to enjoy the spa and book a personal massage in your room. For the summer (for a minimum stay of 3 nights) prices from 75 euros per person per day in bed and breakfast. For information: tel. 0462.750444 or email: inf o@villakofler.it.

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The Senate gave the green light to the five motions, submitted by as many parliamentary groups at Malpensa airport. All motions, accepted by the Government with more or less, commit the executive to promote infrastructure development of Malpensa airport. Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Roberto Castelli, has asked the proponents groups (PD, IDV, Pdl, Lega, UDC-SVP-ego and self-South) to change their motions in the direction of an executive commitment to "promote" or at best to coordinate development initiatives that need to rely on other subjects. It 's the case of tariff changes, or of the dirigiste-use airports. "I accepted the request to reduce rates recently increased by CIPE - said Castelli - because through these companies make investment and pricing then we are in a tariff regime under the European average. We have undertaken to address the matter of infrastructure airport - said Castelli - the principles of competition, provides the legal framewo rk of the EU, and in this framework, each airport tries to attract traffic to a competitive regime of liberalization of air traffic. This system has led certainly to a 'excessive fragmentation Airport, which inter alia in Lombardy is particularly sensitive. " The Deputy Minister has also shown cautious about the idea of interventionist initiative by the executive on the final destination of individual airports (passengers, cargo or other).

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Spring Weekends are ideal to visit the great exhibitions scheduled in Rome. In addition, on May 30 opened Maxxi (National Museum of XXI Century Arts), designed by the Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. Hotel Capo d'Africa, at the Edward Hopper exhibition at the Museo del Corso, offers double rooms from 270 euros per night including breakfast (www.hotelcapodafrica.com). The Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa at the Caravaggio exhibition at the Quirinale Stables offers a package that includes: American buffet breakfast, 2 tickets valid for 2 persons at the stables of the Quirinal, free shuttle service from the hotel to Via Veneto be booked with the concierge, late check-out at 16, 15% discount on the Grand carte restaurant 'Pauline Borghese'. Prices from 202 a day per person (www.parcodeiprincipi.com). Also offered by four Bettoja Hotels (Massimo d'Azeglio 4-star Mediterranean and Atlantic and North New Rome 3 stars), the exhibition on Caravaggio, offer pac kage 'Discovering Caravaggio' which includes: 2 nights stay, breakfast buffet and tickets for entrance to the exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale, the official catalog of the exhibition 'Caravaggio Card' (which includes 110 open bus ticket valid for unlimited usage for 24h), audio support for visiting churches that keep the masterpieces of Caravaggio in Rome. Prices from 143 euros per room per night at the Hotel Nord Nuova Roma, including breakfast (www.bettojahotels.it).

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The shareholders' Airport of Florence approved the financial statements and consolidated financial statements at December 31, 2009. The Assembly has also approved a dividend of 0.10 euros per share, down 41% compared to 2008 of 0.17 euros per share for the financial resources necessary to maintain the desirable re Guidance of the runway. The dividend yield for 2009 is 0.7% compared to the stock price at December 30, 2009 and the pay-out is 29%. According AdF the negative performance recorded by Vespucci in the past year (-12.4% compared to 2008) was mainly caused by reduced activity of carrier Meridiana, from 4 to 3 cars based on the airport operational, by 'pattern of Cai compared to Alitalia (-27% and -13% of passenger movements in 2009 compared to 2008) and the partial takeover of Cimber in Sterling. The average load factor in 2009 was still equal to 69.1%, an increase of 2.9% over the previous year. The data are progressive in February 2010 compared to the same pe riod last year, still a record increase in passengers of 3.6%.

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Twinning between Mazara del Vallo and Padua in the name of culinary excellence. The project was anticipated by the Sicilian mayor Nicola Cristaldi before the first stage of the project 'Path of Mediterranean flavors Vivu-is', organized by the Municipality and Sikelia Initiatives Ltd, with the aim of enhancing the blue fish and all the excellence of territory. "Grasp - Cristaldi says - the desirability of a project to promote Mediterranean flavors, the first step will be to the city of Padua, on 16 May, while the final stage will Mazara del Vallo on 22 May." Hundreds of pounds of fish in Mazara del Vallo, the Italian capital of fishing, together with excellent products such as wine, oil, sweets, from the town in the province of Trapani, will be the protagonists of the village recipes that next May 16, starting at 11.30, will take place in Piazza delle Erbe, a good part of the city center of Padova. The second and final stage of the project will take place in Mazara del Vallo, on 22 May, in the heart of the city, which boasts centuries of history, integration and peaceful coexistence between Muslims, Jews and Catholic Christians.

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The trip outside for the picnic on May 1 at the sea, lake or in the green durability. This year will be three million Italians who spend a day in nature in the company of friends and family according to the estimate of Coldiretti underlining the good time of today's eco-tourism, which in 2009 showed a turnover of 10.7 billion euros, according to the latest ecotourism. Despite the crisis - said Coldiretti - continuing the upward trend of green holiday, which last year involved almost one hundred million people, 800 thousand more than in 2008, while turnover increased by 2%. Among the choices of ecotourists growing agri-tourism, with 21.5% of preferences, and haul the hotel.

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Starts tomorrow May 1 and will be dedicated to Spain, the 2010 edition of May of Monuments in Naples. The event was presented to the Councillor Municipal Tourism, Valeria Valente, beyond the tourist aspects related to appointments scheduled by the calendar, said the distribution of investment and savings. "The May 2010 - said - it cost just over 1 million, 200 thousand of which 900 made by the City and the notice on the Baroque. A considerable part, about 400,000 euros, were used for the promotional campaign at airports railway stations, newspapers and TV stations. Last year the entire event cost one million and 400 thousand euros. " The inaugural event is scheduled at the Teatro San Carlo with a concert by Sinead O'Connor. Simultaneously, provided Castel Ovo, the inauguration of the exhibition "Contemporary Espana", where they will show work of eleven contemporary Spanish artists, all born after the Franco dictatorship, which began their artistic prod uction between the years' 1990 and 2000.

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Brindisi also celebrates the quality of the accommodation of its territory. And 'in fact the program Monday, May 3, the Chamber of Commerce, the ceremony marking the Italian Hospitality holders of tourist facilities in the province who have joined the initiative approved by Unioncamere Equalisation Fund and conducted by the National Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with Isnart Isfores.Nell and 'opportunity will be given the certificates of excellence in wine and oil companies that have received considerable recognition in the prestigious wine competition Vinitaly 2010.

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It 's already been defined as a case study of tourism: the case of Castellabate, a small town of Cilento chosen from 21 couples in Ireland to get married between May and October. This is because a given increase in the phenomenon seems to go on for some time and is not limited only to couples from green Ireland. "For years, couples from around the world choose our City to marry - said Mauro Costabile, Mayor of the center of the Cilento coast - are often greeted by our hospitality and the beauty of our countryside at leisure. Certainly, this 'year, the data are really flattering, and those for couples in Ireland are quite unexpected: obviously feel at home. " Among other things, dozens of guests at each wedding from flowing into the mainland town of Cilento, crowded hotels and resorts and mingling with locals in a real 'twinning' spontaneous. "It's one of the most exciting - concluded the Mayor - The Irish, but also the British and the Americ ans, using very little time to get on well with the locals. It's a great show." According to Administration estimates, by December this year will be more than 50 couples tie the knot in the foreign country.

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Take off Monday, May 3 connections between the airport of Orio al Serio and that of Naples, operated by Air Canada. The flight, with double daily frequency, are concentrated in the morning and evening hours and respond specifically to the needs of those traveling for business reasons, need flexible and convenient solutions. In light of growing economic relations between Lombardy and Campania, Air Canada has decided to focus on the airport of Orio al Serio, which represents a departure point and destination functional and convenient because located in a high concentration of productive activities and service companies, as well as in a central position along the axis of the A4 and connected with Milan Railway Central Station with 77 races daily shuttle bus (on average one every 30 ') return with a journey time of just 50 '. Scheduled flights by Air Canada include the departure from Orio al Serio at 8:55 and 20:20, and from Naples, took off at 07:00 and 18:25. The airlin e, in addition to offering highly attractive rates, is preferred for the high levels of punctuality, with an average monthly peak of 94% and 98%.

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Reggio Calabria wins Madrid. The Calabrian city is indeed the protagonist of the first stage of the Marathon of taste and beauty of Italy which ended last Saturday in the Spanish capital, with a foot race race on a track along the traditional 42 km. "The showcase of promotional touring Italy House Athletics - said Joseph to the Managing Director to implement the program of the City - the exploitation of primates of local beauties and agribusiness Reggio, promoted once again a quality Made in Calabria, in three days of great events reinforced the theme of sport as a vehicle for communication of spatial and culinary excellence. "Elegance and attention to detail, seasoned with a healthy enthusiasm, have characterized the presentation of the territory to the Spanish press specializing in ' gastronomy and tourism. "continues the commitment of the city of Reggio Calabria, Italy House with Fidal and Athletics - Agliano points - we have believed from the outset in this marketing project to promote tourism development related to sport and the proper lifestyle. Scopelliti The mayor, now governor of Calabria, we further strengthen this process of exploitation of our typical products, wine and our beautiful scenery. "

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Venice, Rome and also Romania. After the establishment of agreements with Adria Airlines from June Pontecagnano connect with Malpensa, the operator of the airport of Salerno already looking oltreIl chairman of the board of the consortium, Ernesto Sica, announces a new global strategy aimed at strengthening and activation of the airport additional links. On May 5 on the table there will be a consortium of institutions proposed new contract for links with the other two hubs of international importance (Fiumicino and Venice in fact) with the goal - said Sica - to activate new routes before summer. We believe that the Assembly will share this strategy proposes that the rest of investing substantially similar to those expenditures to date with Gan and Air Dolomiti, but invested in a completely different "

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He kicked off the initiative in these days 'Prime emotions summer' so to Aviomar pointing to promote the start of summer and in particular departures during the month of June. "In recent years - said Luke Adams, director of sales and marketing Aviomar - we are witnessing the change of the distribution of summer departures, and although pleased with our results in July, August and September, but we noticed a decrease in sales for June. This situation not only our work but is a widespread phenomenon throughout the product 'Sea Italy', affected also by the strong reduction in prices for other destinations like Egypt, Tunisia and Cruises. To counter this, the TO has designed a campaign that pricing should be considered a real project co-marketing partner with suppliers. In particular, the initiative has identified as key targets families and couples.

Source: ht tp://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=74922&index=21283

Are exclusively devoted to summer programming on the two new cataoghi Caribbean Travel the Globe 'Fantastic Mexico' and 'Fantastic Cuba'. Important in 'Fantastic Mexico' space dedicated to Guatemala: the tour 'All Guatemala', dedicated to the beauty of the ancient cradle of Maya civilization, the combined 'Guatemala Honduras', to 3 routes with departures with fixed dates 'Mexico Guatemala' up to 2 tour 'Mexico Guatemala Belize'. To immerse yourself in Mexican culture are reconfirmed the Grand Tours 'All Mexico' itineraries and fly-drive 'Mexico en coche', while the tour 'Mexico Cuba' combines the two schedules in the Caribbean. As for the TO Cuba offers 2 routes with multiple weekly departures and Italian speaking guide providing an overview of the most representative of the island, as well as enabling the extension in the final sea the most beautiful beaches.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75014&index=10433

In Italy on a farm 4 (28%) is pet-friendly. Rural tourism in fact, as in contact with nature is better suited than others to a holiday with friends to 4 feet. Toprural.it, analyzing more than 12,500 farms in the portal, has compiled the ranking of regions more than others bet on welcoming pet-friendly. Basilicata and Tuscany regions where there has been a significant surge in supply of this kind. In the southern region because the increase was 12.5% while in Tuscany, and this effect is more significant since a much greater number of total frames, the growth of pet-friendly is 9.1%. Unchanged at one year of difference to the classification of the regions most pet-friendly cottages make the national total, Tuscany and Umbria, and those not, Basilicata and Calabria. If we analyze the percentage of pet-friendly cottages inside each region are known as the Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, respectively 37.9% and 36.8%, the regions most virtuous. In the bottom of the ranking, for the year 2009, we find Campania (13.2%) and Sardinia (19.6%).

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=74821&index=4332

The Zoetry Agua Punta Cana, stylish boutique hotel that rises in places Uvero High, is a structure composed of 53 suites built in typical Caribbean style with thatched roofs, natural colors and materials, facing the sea or overlooking the lush gardens and swimming pools . The hotel opened in 2007, was recently acquired and renovated by the prestigious Zoetry. An oasis of peace, enhanced by Yarari spa offers several treatments to remove the tension, stimulate the circulation making the skin beautiful and ready to expose themselves to sunlight. In addition, the hotel has three restaurants with a la carte service. In the Carr��blu proposes the 'Endless Privileges' full board which includes transfers to and from the airport, 45 minutes ride on the beach, massage relaxing 20-minute access to the sauna, turkish bath and gym, free calls (even international). On request we can organize a dinner directly on the beach in the moonlight. The package of 8 days / 7 nights provides allowances to 2950 euros per person valid from May to October. The price includes: return flights from Milan Malpensa Livingston Economy, private transfers to / from Punta Cana airport, 7 nights in Garden View Junior Suite double formula 'Endless Privileges'.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=74915&index=21524

Space Tour posted on its website all the proposals for the summer season with availability until October 2010. The portal can be found departures and available seats for all destinations planned by the operator, the operational check flights and fares. A very useful tool that allows adv have real-time actual departure for resorts, availability and of course make the cost estimates. Furthermore, the TO homepage also provides all deals broken down by destination, easily accessible. All proposals for Space Tour can also be booked online by the agency network: simply enter the agents and register to see the many interesting proposals operator. "We rely a lot on websites - said Antonio Simoncini, president of the TO - because you can quickly add or modify the operational flights, fares and much more. In fact, this year we made the decision to construct a catalog already distributed to travel agents, without exposing the odds, but exploiting our website upon which you can find all the rates and updates.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=74887&index=3886

Tour operators and airlines face the Apulian adv

Pubblicato il il Thursday, April 29, 2010

There will be all the major airlines and tour operators that operate to and from Apulia to the sixth edition of the workshop "tour operators and carriers face the trade" organized by Apulia Airports for Wednesday, May 5, 2010. Work will begin at 12:30 pm in Conference Room located on the 3rd floor of Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport is scheduled at 13.15 buffet. To join the travel agents must register online at the bottom of the news reported. The on-line registration is mandatory and allows you to receive a voucher for free parking P2 ABC. Furthermore, during the workshop, I @ ggiare Ltd offers free travel agents interested in the pick up services from Lecce, Brindisi, Taranto and Foggia. The number of seats is limited and is subject to reservation. For more information, reservations, to place and time of pick up, call us at 800 090 141 or click www.viaggiarenet.com / Contact.html.

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>From 2013 will again be possible to bring liquids in hand luggage. This was announced today the European Commission which new technologies for the screening of liquids can be implemented in European airports since April 2013. The measure is part of a package of new rules that update those implemented in 2002 after the September 11 attacks. Regarding the limitations of liquids in hand luggage (not exceeding 100 ml containers) on several occasions also the MEPs had called for a review criticizing the failure to analyze the effectiveness of the measure. Meanwhile, since 2011, the Commission promises that the fluids from the duty-free ports of third countries will be carried in hand luggage, while today this is only possible for some countries like USA, Canada, Singapore and Croatia.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75353&index=23406

Tourists can continue to travel without any problem and the industry can count on any aid like the other categories affected by the volcanic ash cloud that for a week blocked air traffic in Europe. The message was launched today by European Commission Vice President in charge of tourism, Antonio Tajani. After the video conference held with the EU tourism ministers, Tajani launched a "signal of optimism" and announced that write to the Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas, coordinator of the Working Group established the Commission on emergency volcano, asking "if necessary, tour operators and travel agents are included in possible interventions to support those affected by the phenomenon. " In particular, Tajani, the European Commission should include tour operators and travel agents in any communication on any state aid linked to the effects of the volcanic cloud. The comparison was with the European ministers, also highlighted the need to create an 'ob servatory' European data exchange. But most of all to establish an 'Early Warning System' for the tourism industry to fall back on in case of future emergency that may involve fields closely connected to it as the environment, transport or cultural heritage.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75355&index=29917

MSC Cruises has acquired the television rights to broadcast on board its ships all matches of World Cup 2010. The agreement was signed with IMG Media Limited, a company that represents the FIFA for the rights to broadcast sports events on ships worldwide. "I'ma big football fan and the least I could do for others was to offer enthusiasts the opportunity to follow the World Cup in 2010 on a cruise aboard our ships. From 11 June to 11 July our Guests can experience all the emotions and get caught football fever as if they were in South Africa, "said Pierfrancesco Vago, CEO of MSC Cruises. The matches will be transmitted in public areas of the ship. Some bars will be set up to accommodate the fans. Other reserved areas will be set up with flags, balloons and paper decorations recalling the colors of the teams and provided the organization of activities and challenges to grow the adrenaline and the competition among the passengers of the various nations. And to ensu re greater involvement of passengers, onboard shops will have a vast assortment of theme dedicated to World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75354&index=10914

And 'disappointed Nino Strano, regional minister for tourism, commenting on the warm approval of the budget by Ars. "I remain perplexed by the decision of President Francesco Cascio impractical to declare Article 110 of financial, under which were restored only in part, the funds of the regional budget, and were the only ones to increase tourism in Sicily . At this point, I expect from Ars chairman, former Head of Tourism, behavior in the classroom at this time that tipping this bad feeling that gave the world the tourism industry and its workers with its decision. but I want to thank all the classroom - said Strange - without distinction of roles, Raffaele Lombardo, president and councilor Economics Michael Cimino, for having accepted our demands for the implementation of chapters relating to certain institutions theatrical, musical and lyrical as the Orestiadi Gibellina film school in Palermo headed by Francesco Alberoni, theater Pirandello Agrigento, Taormina Arte , the Teatro Stabile di Catania, the Teatro Bellini in Catania, Biondo in Palermo, the Vittorio Emanuele of Messina, the foundation Teatro Massimo in Palermo, Inda of Syracuse, the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra and theatrical activities in general including those of the puppeteers. Even in a time of shrinking resources - said Strange - the Sicilian parliament has proved sensitive to indications of the cultural world Sicilian. "

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75347&index=9390

Will be presented tomorrow in the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Ragusa the project "Tourism and Cultural Heritage." The initiative stems from the need to combine development of Hyblaean with the promotion of cultural heritage. CCIA, in fact, wanted to start this research path, through a series of high profile professional analysis to find all the solutions that both enhance the development of the territory, the real capacity to produce a significant growth of the provincial gross domestic product, supporting a natural vocation for hospitality made important not only by the availability of the local population but also the richness of the territory on the artistic, archaeological, monumental, nature, food and wine. The objective is to consolidate and update the skills of public and private actors operating in the sectors of cultural heritage tourism.

Source:  http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75342&index=2174

Ezio Indians, national delegate dell'Ehma (European Hotel Managers Association) and general manager of the Principe di Savoia in Milan, is an analysis of the impact of Icelandic volcanic ash cloud Eyjafjallajkull tourism in Lombardy. "The entire community tourism has suffered because they were canceled and the travel industry has been penalized. Perhaps rather strangely the only destination that has benefited is Milan. The capital and other cities of Lombardy - he explained - were sold Out for the Fair of Furniture and customers are not able to leave. "Good news for workers in the hospitality sector. "The projections for 2010 in Milan are still broadly positive - stated Indians - with a return to attractive levels of employment, while struggling to recover the average income, however, that this year should return to 2008 levels. For example, just at the Furniture Fair, we saw the return of many customers from Middle East and Russia, a good sign that leaves hope for the future. In Exhibition of 2009 was there a decline in admissions of 30% compared to 2008 and a more concentrated on days with no key then also induced: by taxis, restaurants, the inevitable shopping. I think that, looking beyond the cloud of ash, there may be scope for a solid improvement. "

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75324&index=21398

May 1st kicks off the new edition of the 'Blue Train - Train Travel to Lake Iseo'. The opening day program, with 'the Train Spring', expected departure from the station at 9.55 in Bergamo, from Palazzolo at 10.40, arriving in Paratico at 11.05 in time to board the boat from the 11.30 Sarnico. Also planned a stop at 10.15 with Chiuduno extraordinary opportunity to climb, by reservation. New departures in the afternoon, from Palazzolo, at 14.50 and 17:50 and from Paratico Sarnico, at 14.10 and 16.40. The day will end with the last run of 18:55 which will bring participants to Bergamo for 20.15. Booking is essential for the trains in the morning, while it is not on those afternoons from Palazzolo and Paratico Sarnico.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75323&index=23995

Aer Lingus, the Irish airline fares low, active promotion to fly to Ireland with discounts up to 50% on all fares for all flights, classes and days. Through the website of the company you can book tickets by May 3. The discounted fares can be booked for trips to be made by May 9, 2010 June 30, 2010.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75343&index=10481

As of August 8 Ryanair will increase frequency on routes to and from Rome Ciampino. The increase in frequency in August on the links to Alghero, Cagliari, Eindhoven, Ibiza, Santander, Santiago, Trapani, Valencia.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75276&index=5987

You can now book tickets online for the Piombino-cable made for the first time by Moby from 1 June. To run this route, Moby studied ad hoc rates applicable throughout the year with only 29 euros for a passenger car with the following, all included in about 30 minutes it comes to cable. "With this line we want to create a link that contributes to the development of the eastern side of the island, both for the resident population and the economy, accepting the request of the association also hosts a low cost rate in July and August when most hotels are open, "said Eliana Marino, commercial director of Moby. The new link is added to the annual Piombino-Portoferraio-Piombino on which Moby offers hourly departures and a wide choice of departure times. The online booking service for the Piombino-cable is already active on the site of the company or through call centers

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75328&index=17289

The Aeolian islands continue to be penalized on the front connections. So once again, Christian Del Bono, President Federalberghi Aeolian Islands, is forced to call in a letter to the Minister of Transport, Matteoli, alderman and the regional branch, Louis Gentile, a "prompt and decisive action to service recovery ships and ferries under the terms already established by the Ministry that if one part provide for the elimination of the link by integrating fast ship 'Stromboli', confirm the service with three other naval units and four hydrofoils for the whole year. " Del Bono points out, however, as "far too long the service is carried by ships with two units instead of three) and via hydrofoil with three instead of four. This situation, in recent days, there was even worse so fast that the means are now even two.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_de ttaglio.php?idArticolo=75341&index=11527

Continuing appointments with Confcommercio Weekend Gourmet restaurants in the province of Pesaro-Urbino with a wide variety of menu and quaint. Saturday, May 1 is the turn of the restaurants of Chestnut Orcia Vineyard Montecalvo in Foglia, Old Post Saltara; Silvana di Carpegna. Sunday 2 will be the turn of 2000 Sassocorvaro restaurants, The Garden of Gradara; The Crib of Montemaggiore al Metauro; The lantern Lucrezia Cartoceto; Pitinum Macerata felt; Pitrok of Fossombrone. The comprehensive menu and prices can be viewed on the links below.

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June ScuolaVela.com offers free housing for those who book a course in sailing dinghies or J24. This offer is valid for two people who register together. Courses are held in cabins in Poltu Quatu courses and drifts are in Porto Cervo and lasts six days a week. The participation fee per person is 410 euros with a supplement of 40 euros for entry and FIV. Included in price is the transfer to and from airport / port Olbia / Golfo Aranci. To add an extra 20 euros per person for bed linen and towels. Housing, in coexistence with other students are in residence at Porto Cervo Poltu Quatu and according to availability at time of booking. For more information: info@scuolavela.com.

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At Golf & Spa Andreus of San Leonardo in Passeiertal this year there is also an equestrian. Riding lessons take place on Haflinger horses. You can go out to pasture or remain within one hour of riding and is offered at 20 euros and 45 euros for lessons lessons individuali.I price for the stay of children from 45 euros per day, with half-board and lunch. For the family until July 10 you can choose to take the proposal 7 pay 6: 7 nights in double room (53 sqm) from 870 euros per person. 11th July 7 nights starting at 1050 euros per person 4 nights starting from 624 euros per person. Packages include half-board, breakfast, dinner and from 15 to 17 large selection of cakes of the day, each day there is an active fitness program with Nordic Walking, Aqua gym, mountain biking, hiking and even yoga, musical evenings and dinners gala. For information: tel. 0473.491330 or email: info@andreus.it.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75335&index=20565

She also Michela Vittoria Brambilla, Italian Minister of Tourism, the video conference convened by the European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, which was attended by managers of tourism across Europe, during which it was drawn up a preliminary estimate of damage to the sector Eyjafjallaj��kull Icelandic eruption of the volcano and have been assessed some possible interventions. Overall, the tourism sector has suffered damage of around one billion euros. Member States found that tour operators and travel agents had "suffered significantly" to the effects of the volcano, spending "more than 388 million euros to assist customers remained on the ground or bring them back home" and yet it remains unclear what effects it had on hotels and other facilities. Here, Brambilla pointed out that the setback caused by the eruption affects one area of tourism, which in Italy has held up relatively well to the impact of global crisis and shows encouraging signs. According to data from the National Observatory of tourism, business and hotel accommodation extralberghiere Italian occupied on average 33.9% of the rooms in January, February and 34.6% to 36.9% in March, with a performance broadly in line with the first quarter of 2009. But at Easter there was an average employment rate of 51.2% with peaks in some areas where it has reached nearly sold out.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75320&index=13790

Visit a museum or other cultural property? Three or four times a year with friends. It is always a trip. And 'what emerges from the survey' Youth & Culture 'developed by CTS (Centro Turistico Student and Youth), in collaboration with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and at the Culture Week 2010, wanted to make a point about use among young people of the historical and artistic heritage by interviewing a sample of almost 900 people up to 29 years (56.8%) with a diploma (43.1%) or a degree behind (52.2%). Travel in the 53.60% of people said to always include a visit to a cultural asset. 13.8% do so occasionally and only 0.3% say they never include art and culture in their journey. Seems to be the personal interest and study (44.5%) or general interest to the village is located in the cultural (38.9%) children the motivation to approach the artistic and cultural heritage that is received more than half of the sample with friends (in 59.1% of cases) or with fa mily (in 32.1%).

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75322&index=21635

Veneto Region and RFI signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the use of buildings and areas no longer functional to the railway. The initiative provides the opportunity for Railways, proposed by the Region to grant, loan for use free of charge to local authorities, or to rent in private buildings no longer used. The agreement was signed by Renato Chisso, Councillor for Mobility, and Giuseppe Albanian RFI. For Chisso, "the goal is to encourage redevelopment of properties often subject to vandalism, ensuring the maintenance and decoration. The agreements will be concluded between RFI and local governments or private entities engaged in commercial and expressing interest to manage and use, either in person or through associations, to carry out social, institutional and economic production be compatible with the running of trains; rail service in general and in particular customer service Fs. New users will ensure the maintenance, and RFI will transfer, on loan or lease, b uildings and areas relating to railway stations Venetian affected by an attendance of less than 500 passengers a day.

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The Romantik Hotel Le Silve to Armenzano, located in the Park Subasio offers to all lovers of picnics its' basket Tales' which includes a panzanella 'salad pane'alle vegetables and prawns with sesame seeds, toasted bread with butter and home-marinated salmon with dill, bowl hunt black truffle vinaigrette and lemon capresina in skewer with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, escalope maraschino pineapple, strawberries and natural peppermint chocolate cake 'Domori', accompanied by two flutes to toast with a bottle of French Short 'Antica Fratta', water, juice and the 'envelope save nature' with cutlery, plates and napkins from recycled materials. The basket price is 25 euros per person and stay in double room bed and breakfast cost 70 euros per person. For information: tel. 075.8019000 or email: info@lesilve.it.

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About 100 thousand flights were canceled in Europe following the eruption of the volcano in Iceland, with about 10 million passengers remained on the ground. , Said Infrastructure Minister Matteoli speaking at the Chamber. The lost revenue, said Matteoli, reached two billion euros with an economic impact than the dramatic crisis of September 11. " In his speech in the classroom, Matteoli also emphasized the good response of Alitalia. "While some low cost airlines closed flights, it should emphasize the positive steps of large companies. In particular, Alitalia has lavished ensuring repayments and assisting passengers. And there was a general appreciation. As for the chapter of compensation to airlines, said the minister, the proposed draft will be discussed in the extraordinary summit of EU ministers, Tuesday, May 4 in Brussels.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEW S_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75325&index=11677

Will start its first flight May 31 Genoa-Palermo flights operated by Air-India, which will offer 10,000 seats from 49 euros to 737 146 passengers. Bookings for flights begin May 3 through collaboration with Alitalia close sales. Flights to Palermo will be seven days throughout the year.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75337&index=22323

To the incoming 'In Terre di'propone a new way to discover unusual places along routes out of the ordinary. 'Tourist role', is a series of events dedicated to those who want to know and visit the area visiting at stake and become the protagonists. "In other words, be a tourist role means putting at stake - said Giorgio Baravalle, president and product manager of incoming TO - agreeing to take an active part in visiting an area". Among the proposals in the Land of guided tours in the cities and historical sites, dinners with crime or even 'become craftsmen for a day'. These appointments with 'Tourists Role': May 16 'Treasure Hunt' in Savigliano between essences, nature and art sites open for the occasion of 'Quintessence', May 30 / June 1 'Invitation to dinner in Crime old distillery, now 4-star hotel, Barge, June 26 'Night at the Museum' Savigliano to see what the night in a quiet reserve and unfrequented p lace of the province. For information and reservations: tel. 0172.726184-info @ interredi.com.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75332&index=20256

With reference to the situation in Bangkok and following the directions of the Ministry, from May 20 Blue Panorama Airlines temporarily suspend its operation for Rome and Milan. Until that date, you will then regular links with the order to return all passengers to present Blue Panorama Airlines flights to Thailand. The company hopes the next few weeks any positive development in Bangkok, however, confirmed its intention to proceed as planned, the strengthening of operations on Thailand with the launch by next July 1, two weekly flights . In this Blue Panorama Airlines is taking the definition of agreements to connect its operational and extended to the dense network of domestic and regional airline partner Thai Bangkok Airways.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75336&index=13598

In late March passenger traffic at Malpensa grew 9%, at Linate has decreased by 1, 4%. The Sea ended the year 2009 with revenues down 8, 4% to 581 million euros and operating profit increased by 69.4% to 54.9 million and a net profit of 53.2 million euros . And 'what emerges from the annual budget approved by the shareholders of the Milan airports. 2009 was a difficult year for Malpensa, which has affected the decrease of traffic served by Alitalia for more than 10 million passengers because of the so-called 'de-hubbing' end-March 2008. Compared to the year by Alitalia passengers fell by 3.3 million (-68.2%). However, in 2009 Malpensa, thanks to the arrival of new players, was able to recover 1.6 million passengers, achieving year-end 17.4 million passengers (-8.8%). All active carriers to Malpensa, Alitalia group excluded, led to an increase in traffic of 12%, which led the group Sea, also including the Linate airport with a total traffic of 25.6 million passenge rs (-9 , 3%).

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75327&index=28423

To coincide with Labor Day, 1 May starts the program "Open Reserves", the traditional appointment with nature and ecotourism, sponsored by the Department of Regional Corporate forests. The program spread throughout the month of May with hiking, horseback riding, sightseeing and mountain biking and birdwatching. The first appointment is subject to the mountains of Palazzo Adriano, with the second stage dell'Ecotrial Sicily. On May 2, go to the Gypsy, with the sanctuary for bird watching or alternatively in forest reserves and forest Granze Favara, at the May Fair organized by the municipality of Montemaggiore Belsito.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75346&index=25696

New destinations reachable from Genoa's Cristoforo Colombo airport. On May 31, Air Canada inaugurates flights to Palermo and take off July 26 on the first plane to Olbia. The company sells 10,000 seats from 49 euros to 737 146 passengers. The news was announced by Marco Paulo Arato and Sirigu, respectively president and general manager of the airport, with Joseph Gentile, Alessandro Notari, president and commercial director of Air-India. From May 3 Air-India will open bookings for flights to Palermo and Olbia in sales through close collaboration with Alitalia. Flights to Palermo will be operated daily throughout the year, rather than have to Olbia frequency square weekly only in summer.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75338&index=3383

The era of Alitalia, which has dropped from Malpensa in March 2008, at the airport in Milan began the adventure of Lufthansa, which in 2009 grew by 109%. It 'as pointed out President of Sea, Joseph Bonomi, after the annual shareholders meeting. The shareholders have appointed advisers, over the same Bonomi then reappointed chairman and CEO, Raffaele Cattaneo, Marco Pagnoncelli, Lino Girometta and Alberto Ribolla. Sea in 2009 has invested 60 million euros between Malpensa and Linate. The closest airport Varese became the first continental easyJet, operating on Terminal 2, with 350 weekly flights to 44 domestic and international destinations, bringing to 33 weekly connections between Milan and Rome. At Malpensa airport in 2009 and 17 new carriers have come with an offer of 420 extra flights per week including 20 cargo-only. Overall activity in Malpensa in 2009 grew by 12%, excluding of course the Alitalia group.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75329&index=8816

"Tirrenia should not be depleted, should be revived. But we need clarity on the course especially in the first two or three years." And 'opinion of Silvano Cassano, president and CEO of Grandi Navi Veloci, one of eight candidates remained on track for the purchase of Tirrenia. According to Cassano, however, hardly the transaction will close later this year. "We will not make a move on Tirrenia if no agreement with the shareholder and the social partners. Another point on which there is still no clarity is that of state subsidies to the company (72.6 million yearly for 8 years Tirrenia and 55.6 million a year for 12 years Siremar) which should be guaranteed the purchaser and which need a clear answer from Brussels. "If there is no clear agreement - said Cassano - you should immediately meet the legal challenges from those who do not win and this would block all ".

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75331&index=4016

40 Nebrodi mayors of the territory and the legal representative of the Park Nebrodi will meet next Tuesday, May 4, 2010, to 16 at the Hall of Princes Castle Gallego in Sant'Agata Militello, to sign the Convention stipulates that the birth of "Network of Commons Nebrodi Open City." The coalition of the Strategic Plan is the result of a process of aggregation that has seen the quadrupling of members from 10 municipalities that submitted the proposal (Acquedolci, Brolo, Capo d'Orlando, Caprileone, Frazzan��, Myrtle, Nose, Piraino, Sant'Agata di Militello, Torrenova) and 40 who have built and shared with the strategy of the Plan. The Strategic Plan identifies a strong strategy of regional development to be achieved over a period of ten - fifteen years and has chosen as a model for developing the territorial recomposition Nebrodi and then the recovery and strengthening of identity as a priority basis through which to trigger a process of tourism development r elated to rural and natural places. Among the first actions the creation of a development agency and a tourist district Nebrodi. In Pist Nebrodi is also the association Sicilian country inn with a tab for the recovery of production and tourist town centers. Info: 0941.702775.

Source: http://www.travelnostop.com/NEWS_dettaglio.php?idArticolo=75345&index=4336

"We are working on an intermediate step to handle the events have already been accredited with the old rules. These exceptions may apply for last year, after which the entire system must operate in the regime." This last statement by Amedeo Bianco, president of the National Federation of Medical Doctors, which marks a point of convergence with Federcongressi. In preparation for entry into force - 1st May - Implementing Rules of the conference CME (Continuing Medical Education), Paul Area, Federcongressi president, had criticized the rigidity of rules on the role of sponsors and providers in the organization of congresses ecm. With the new regulation only choose providers and know the names of conference participants. According to the words of White Zone "prefigure what we think is the most logical path management reorganization of the ECM system, management, if deprived of a transitional phase would involve extensive damage to all players in the meetings indust ry."

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Tour space continues to bet on Brazil. One year after the launch of flights from Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino to work in partnership with Fortaleza Livingston, from mid-July the TO becomes the flight from fortnightly to weekly. Departures every Wednesday, always on board the Airbus A330. "With summer just around the corner we have greatly improved the product, including ground services and receptive and we now have an even broader range of hotels, resorts and apartments that can to meet all demands - said Alexander Sicuran to the TO - specifically, has been extended to hotels and apartments in Cumbuco, a small fishing village 25 km from Fortaleza. "Furthermore, the TO, always area in the Caribbean, Cuba offers a wide selection of types of stay dedicated to the younger market, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The operator also offers trips to Kenya and Cape Verde, East Europe as a product, launched last year that makes Space Tour with flights schedule d airlines. Among the upcoming events for the operator, the 18th edition of BNTM, Brazil National Tourism Mart to be held in Porto de Galinhas, from April 29 to May 2.

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>From tomorrow until Sunday, May 2 the Court of Tusci Village Club Strut, in the province of Grosseto, home to the fifth edition of 'Travel Agent Academy' organized by Aviomar and Naar Tour Operator. This is a series of events dedicated to the formation of the ADV during which attention will be placed on products of two operators on contract terms, reservations online and how to sell. Saturday, May 1st are in the program focus' Communicating Business' and 'Management of Litigation', while the next day will be held insights' South America-Brazil 'of Naar,' Mediterranean Class' of Aviomar and 'Touring the Travel- Club '. "More than 100 adv for a total of about 190 people, the best result ever achieved for this event. We are very pleased also good agencies that have joined the initiative and proud of the interest in the tourist market - has commented Luke Adams, DC and marketing of Aviomar - All this confirms that the position of group-Naar Aviomar within the world trade is well established and growing. "

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It ended in the 15th edition of the Bologna Buy Emilia Romagna. The workshop has developed more than 2,000 business meetings between foreign TO 80 from all over the world and 75 of the regional tourist operators, over 10 million euros of turnover estimated according to contacts in recent days. For 15 years the Buy Emilia Romagna Emilia Romagna organized by Confcommercio Apt Services in collaboration with regional and Enit, confirming the leading showcase for promoting and marketing the offer of a holiday in Emilia Romagna. Among many proposals of living, culture remains one of the first strengths of the territory. Success for the evening at MAMbo Fellini - Museum of Modern Art of Bologna to visit the exhibition, currently underway, 'Fellini. From Italy to the moon '.

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Are 71 accommodation facilities in Brindisi where the brand was awarded the Italian Hospitality. Confirms the city to and from the leaders in the region for quality. Besides the companies has deployed the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi, also in 2010 joined the project launched by the Italian Hospitality Isnart mark in 1997 and to date has certified thousands of structures in some 80 Italian provinces. With their accession to the notice published by the Chamber of Commerce, the structures have voluntarily chosen to adapt to a precise specification, which arises from the encounter and dialogue of industry experts, government representatives, consumer groups and local referents. The assessment of compliance specific quality criteria has been called to a group of experts as part of a third party and independent after considering the issues considered most relevant to guest satisfaction: ease of access, parking, hospitality and professionalism of staff, clean and functional rooms , genuine products, transparent menus, environmental sustainability.

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A new project for the airport Pontecagnano. This was announced by the chairman of the board of management companies, Ernesto Sica, at the last meeting of the administrative body. The project follows the award at Adria Airlines link from Salerno to the north of Italy. "We voted not only for the company, but also for a new global strategy aimed at strengthening the call and activation of additional links - said Sica - We want to expand the platform of flights even on Venice and Rome, but also about Romania ". On May 5, a new meeting, glia administrators of the airport will ask shareholders to fund the project," showing, cards in hand, it is possible that a stop Pontecagnano can reach a level of economic equilibrium over a reasonable period of five years. "

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Session Initiation positive for Mib Square Business with the FTSE rising 0.25% to 21,549 points and the FTSE All Share 0.29% at 22,143 points. Euro slightly down in early trade on currency markets in Europe. The single currency is trading at $ 1.3224 ($ 1.3245 yesterday the listing ECB) and 124.20 yen (124.48 yen yesterday the listing).

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Tourism grows in Salento school, a phenomenon that has been said in recent days the Councillor Provincial Tourism Massimo Alfaro. "Just take a walk into town to realize that Lecce has become a usual destination for tourism student - said the councilor - You lose visibly schoolchildren crossing Piazza Sant'Oronzo to cross and head in opposite directions . The movement recognizes the choices made in the winter programming and promotion. "This is exactly what we wanted when we see promoted in any way our city on the network to which the targeted schools to organize visits and school trips. We know - the councilor added - that our activities accommodation city did not reference the target student, but there are better equipped to accommodate groups and schools that are transit and transit in our city to ensure their excellent welcome, because investing in image and Students focus on promotion means the tourists of the future.

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Arriva dall'Ept Salerno a proposal for those wishing to live differently. This is a short holiday in a camper traveling in the countries of the hinterland as an alternative to Cilento coast of Palinuro, Paestum be carried out last weekend in June (25-27). "It's an experimental formula - explained Marisa Prearo, administrator Ept Salerno, presenting the initiative Cilento Plein Air - For the first time we do not promote a rally in a single town but a route that gives visibility inland, which is not only a 'Appendix country's coast. The gathering, widespread in the territory of 18 municipalities to safeguard the quality of the concentrate without admissions, is supported by the entity which offers bus tours for travel, entertainment and gastronomy and wine. The Certosa di San Lorenzo, the Caves of Pertosa, the archaeological area of Velia are some of the sites concerned itinerary, including the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. "We have the commitment of member governments to provide free parking areas - has added Prearo - and are ready to accommodate campers 500-600. An estimated turnover for the territory of 300 euros per day per caravan.

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Protests in Calabria after the decision of Trenitalia place under the summer schedule a new pair of trains on the main Frecciargento Lamezia-Rome. Andrea Joseph Maiolo, President of the High Speed Salerno-Reggio Calabria, disputes the decision of the railway, guilty, he said, to snub a square as big as that of Reggio Calabria. "The citizens of the province of Reggio Calabria - says Maiolo - will be forced to perform exhausting journeys to reach Lamezia Terme and that, given the disastrous state highway, load weight of the trip. In addition one should consider that such a move also creates a damage Tourism City along the narrow, decreasing significantly the number of tourists. " For the Chairman of the High Speed, the city of Reggio Calabria is deprived of two additional connections: "This is the latest in a series of real abuses that Trenitalia is doing to the people of Reggio. It must be remembered cutting almost total night trains and in particular those that allow long-distance connection with the North Italy. We invite the new regional institutions established soon, to review these policies which undermine the development of tourism in the province of Reggio Calabria.

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While the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud dissolves Eyjafjallaj��kull horizon TripAdvisor draws the Top Ten of the volcanoes can not miss in Europe. Many of the volcanoes are still active in the standings and potentially dangerous, but all offer unique landscapes for thousands of walkers, photographers and travelers. Tops in the league's Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. But in total the four volcanoes in the beautiful country which climb the rankings of the most popular of the Old Continent: fourth place is the Vesuvius, the volcano of Solfatara seventh, eighth and ninth Stromboli Campi Flegrei. Etna is on the podium after Mount Teide, with over 2.8 million visitors, is the most visited National Park and Tenerife in Spain, together with the 'Arthur's Seat which offers a breathtaking view of Edinburgh surroundings. In fourth place are the Santorini volcano, considered responsible for the destruction of Minoan Crete in 1650 BC and the sixth St Kilda, 6 6 km west of the Outer Hebrides Islands in Scotland. Close the top ten Nisyros, the volcanic Greek island located in the Baltic Egeo.La list was drawn up based on TripAdvisor's popularity index and based on the opinions and the opinions expressed by travelers.

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Melissa, a little old town in the province of Crotone, thanks to the support of the Association of Towns Authentic Italy, will participate in the European project "Historicentres_net: Networking for Sustainability of Historical Centres (Historicentres_net: network for the sustainability of city centers), a work plan created under the URBACT learning and exchange of information aimed at promoting an urban development project will participate sostenibile.Al ten selected municipalities across Europe to create a diversified group that compare the experiences and debates on methods used to fulfill a path of improvement. The roundtable will also be an important opportunity to expose the different needs and emergencies to be addressed in individual participating sites. The meeting will also be a moment of confrontation in order to understand the policies used outside the national context for the preservation and promotion of historic places.

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Part in these days the road show of Atlantis: a series of evenings of study, the Atlantis Night News, which will affect some Italian cities: Brescia, Verona, Milan, Bologna and Rome are some of the steps specified. All matches involving the presentation of the new tour operator, followed by a buffet dinner. To all the agencies involved will receive a complimentary copy of the Bradt Guide to Travel-Atlantis and the travel-final draw prize, in addition to valuable information on how to win the next educational plans. Among the insights that will be covered during the road show the presence of the main culprits are the operator of the new programming, primarily concentrated on the destinations of Cape Verde, Porto Santo and Madagascar, the unusual tour guides in collaboration with Bradt and FBE editions, the first of which concerns the Portuguese islands of Madeira and Porto Santo to the next fam trip dedicated to travel agents and the new edition of the catalog Escorted Tours a nd Confidential Group and, finally, an overview of the main tools and services available to travel agents.

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18 'Chocolate Open' on May 2 Modica

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18 will open the chocolate in Modica Sunday, May 2 at 'chocolate shop opened. Thanks to the initiative, which sees the forefront Chambers of Commerce of Ragusa, Cuneo and Belluno, open doors in the territories of chocolate artisan chocolate in Italy. The workshops will encourage direct contact with fans of the 'food of the gods', for a rally for the first time try to put together the different territorial excellencies. Iblea in town, fans can follow the path of Chocolate, a course designed ad hoc through which you will discover the 18 workshops of Modica, the capital district of Chocolate. The chocolate can also be visited by booking at the info-point a tour aboard a glorious Fiat 500. Planned demonstrations, guided tours, tastings and pairings with tasting, a national holiday chocolate artisan quality "will - according to organizers - to discover traditions, tastes and peculiarities of an important Italian tradition." Open chocolate fits into the larger project of the 'Chocolates of Italy', a new brand that will collect the best expressions of artisanal chocolate, strictly 'Made in India'.

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Almond Resorts rewards adv

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For May, June, July and August, Almond Resorts rewards adv with four monthly competitions, which is at stake a week's free stay at the Almond Resorts. The competition is open to adv that, between May and August, are able to make a booking of minimum 7 nights in one of five hotels in the chain. Participants must send all booking details by e-mail: @ marketingeurope almondresorts, indicating the name of the TO, the name of the accommodation reserved, the name of the client or customer and the dates of your stay. Deadlines for participation are sent on June 3 for May, June to 3 July, July to 3 August, August to September 3. The prize consists of seven nights for two people between May 1 and December 20, 2010 in one of five resorts Almond. For more information: tel. 06.48901255 / 6.

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Now protected in bankruptcy and facing a painful restructuring process, Japan Airlines has decided to cut 45 other domestic and international routes, which include three weekly flights to Rome (from October) and four with Milan (30 September). At the same time will also close offices in Rome and Milan.

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"Golf is an important element of tourism and a powerful driving force for other sectors, precisely because of the spending capacity of tourist golfers. Cutrufo said Mauro, deputy mayor of Rome, declaring that "the administration Alemanno was among the first to believe in the potential of golf tourism, putting it between the 5 sub-cruise-the nautical pleasure craft, the convention-exhibition-congress, parks green and theme parks, which constitute the second largest tourist capital, is already under construction. And now the government, with the bill passed a few days ago, aims to exploit this segment. Only in Rome intercepting 3% of 70 million golf tourists, we would have 30% more arrivals. In recent months - said - we have already marked a watershed, with the birth of a Golf District 18 fields. The project has practically joined almost all the fields in Town , to which are added to those existing in the Lazio region, which also favored the creation of a consortium o f all these clubs that play a fundamental role in facilitating the programming of national and international tour operators.

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Data up to March for air transport. According to figures released by IATA, the passenger demand grew by 10.3% (from 9% in February). The sharp rise marked in March, the IATA said in a statement, are the result of comparison with March 2009, when the recession had brought the international air transport to reach the lowest level. "The pace of improvement - commented IATA Director General and CEO Giovanni Bisignani - supported by a world economic situation improving, it is much faster than anyone would have predicted even six months ago. " The load factor stood at 78% in March, it being the highest. For April, the IATA expects, however, that this strong recovery in air traffic will show a decline following the eruption of the Icelandic volcano that has forced the closure of European airspace for six days. "The crisis of volcanic ash has affected more than the weakest part of the sector - said Bisignani - Most of the 1.7 billion dollars of lost profits was imposed on European airlines."

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Start the Milan Stock negative with the first FTSE Mib losing the first, 01% at 21815 points and the FTSE All-Share It 0.94% share at 22,389. Euro remains weak this morning at the opening of trading on European markets the dollar traded at 1.3187. Yesterday, the greenback was at 1.3290 by the ECB and the night had closed at 1.3168 on Wall Street.

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Offer May 1 Magaggiari Hotel

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The Magaggiari Hotel Resort Cinisi May 1 at the Bridge offers a package including a buffet lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast. The shares range from 53 euros per person in double room full board, and 50 in triple room with full board, to 65 in single room full board. We offer swimming pool and tennis court. For information and reservations: tel. 091.665351 or email: reservation@hotelmagaggiari.com.

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Tourism resumed its course but the result will be the long term. And 'the analysis of tourist time in the start of the season comes from Joseph Mariano, CEO of Vestas Hotels in Lecce. "The market seems to give some signs of recovery - Mariano announced - but you will not see results very quickly. The crisis there was and it was heavy, especially for our industry, and we worked on the segments that could respond quickly and better, as the Mice that it is already giving the answers, especially for the incentive. Among the issues that Vestas Hotels is treating more closely, there is primarily one of education. "The Family Montinari, group owner in a business environment that requires great professionalism and continuity in training h��tellerie nationally and internationally, is sensitive to the needs of the market and why the company is active in training, demonstrating sensitivity and vision. We believe that investment in basic training is part of a winning approa ch to new global challenges. " Vestas Hotels & Resorts has three facilities located in the center of Lecce, for a total of 235 rooms, each with a different type: the Eos 3 stars hotel, 4 star and 5 star Luxury President Risorgimento Resort. Common denominator service, attention, staff efficiency. The president and the Risorgimento Resort has an excellent restaurant with award-winning international chef.

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'The Art of Walking', a documentary filmed along the Great Ocean Walk, produced by Tourism Victoria, Tourism Authority of Victoria and Melbourne, will also be broadcast in late May on the National Geographic Italy. This is a hiking trail along 104 km from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles and built by 3,000 soldiers armed with pickaxes and shovels between 1919 and 1932. With the support of Tourism Victoria, the environmentalist John Francis, the more time Olympic figure skater Katarina Witt and gold Australian skier Michael Milton (Paralympic champion) could go down this road and tell the National Geographic wonders encountered along the way . The documentary, already seen by clicking on the site below, will air first in Italy to National Geographic next May 29 in response to 9 and 30 May to 1 .30.

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